LAFAYETTE — All but five of the 92 teachers displaced this summer have selected new positions in the Lafayette Parish school district, the deputy superintendent said Tuesday.

Three teachers are awaiting positions that align with their respective certification areas while two have declined available spots, said Lawrence Lilly, deputy superintendent of human resources and operations.

Earlier this summer, the tally of displaced teachers was at 87, but budget decisions, such as the elimination of the academic auditor department last month, increased the total.

Lilly said he hoped to place three of the five teachers by the end of the month. Two teachers are certified in business and the other in industrial arts, he said.

“There are two of them that were offered positions and refused the positions offered to them,” Lilly said.

One teacher is certified in special education and the other in middle school math, he said.

Per the district’s displaced personnel policy, teachers are offered available positions based on their seniority.

Earlier this year, at least 19 teachers were displaced due to the closure of N.P. Moss Middle School in part for consistently low student test scores.

Among those displaced by Moss’ closure was Principal Ken Douet. Two prior recommendations to appoint Douet as principal of the Early College Academy were voted down by the School Board. Last July, the board voted to extend Douet’s contract another two years.

Currently, there are two administrative positions being advertised: the Early College Academy principal and Truman Montessori School principal.