The University of Louisiana at Lafayette plans to change the name of its College of General Studies to University College, and in the process is renaming other programs.

The changes were approved by the University of Louisiana System’s board on Friday and will take full effect by the end of the fall 2014 semester, Jim Henderson, the university’s provost, announced on Tuesday.

The university previously had an existing division with the name of “University College” and will rename it “University Connection.” University Connection serves non-degree seeking students who want to take college courses. That program and the UL-Lafayette Honors Program will be part of the new University College.

“These changes are intended to bring together units that have similar functions and to increase our support for interdisciplinary programs. These programs provide students with more options to earn degrees and engage in programs that meet their needs,” Henderson said.

The university will continue to offer bachelor’s degrees in general studies in five concentrations: arts and humanities, natural sciences, behavioral sciences and two areas of applied sciences.

“Many of our students are non-traditional students. Perhaps they are already in the workforce and are seeking specific credentials to get a promotion at work,” said Bobbie DeCuir, interim dean of University College. “We offer a lot of flexibility, so that students can design their own degree program. And we also emphasize career preparation, teaching students how to market themselves after they earn a degree. Many of our graduates continue their education in graduate school or professional school.”

University College also oversees UL-Lafayette’s special services department, which administers federal programs that support veterans and disadvantaged students.