LAFAYETTE — The Lafayette Parish School Board on Wednesday will consider Acadian Middle School administrators’ request to reconstitute all faculty and staff for the upcoming school year as a way to improve the school’s performance score

The request, dated Thursday, seeks permission for a reconstitution based on “data-driven evidence of poor student performance,” according to a summary proposal submitted by the Principal Linda Nance.

The school’s performance score is 76.2, which is a D rating under the state’s accountability rating system.

A new policy approved by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education requires schools to score at least 75 out of 200 to avoid a failing grade. The grades stem from a 2010 law pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The grades are linked mostly to how students did on key state tests, including the LEAP test that fourth- and eighth-graders have to pass for promotion and end-of-course tests for high school students.

“Lafayette Parish cannot afford to have another school rated as failing,” Nance said in the summary request. “It is our hope that the data will draw a clear picture of dire need at Acadian to reconstitute and start giving students the opportunity to succeed.”

Acadian Middle has 113 over-aged students. In its eighth-grade classes, 21 students are 15 and three are 16, according to information provided to the School Board.

School staff will present a plan to address low student performance at the meeting. The plan focuses on more teacher collaboration through “team teaching” and initiatives to improve student literacy and performance.

As an assistant principal, Nance was part of the administrative team that led the turnaround and reconstitution of Northside High School.

A reconstitution typically involves replacing school leaders and faculty and bringing in a new instructional plan.

Some student engagement strategies are similar to those implemented at Northside, such as schoolwide book assignments and the use of music to signal students’ final minute to get to class as a way to reduce tardiness.

The School Board meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The reconstitution request is on the board’s introduction agenda, while its action agenda includes approval of a new pay-for-performance teacher salary schedule based on the state’s new teacher evaluation model.

The board may also meet in executive session to discuss the elimination of funding for the special assistant to the superintendent position and to take personnel action. Since its Jan. 9 board meeting, the job position has been questioned due to the March 2012 hiring of a man who did not have the minimum education requirement of a high school diploma for the position.