VILLE PLATTE — Evangeline Parish school officials took exception Wednesday to recent comments made by representatives of the Louisiana Department of Education over the issue of teacher tenure.

Some officials have been complaining there are not enough teacher tenure hearings held to “weed out” unsatisfactory teachers.

Supervisor of Personnel Mike Lombas told the School Board he disagreed with the conclusion by Education Department officials that local boards are not doing enough to remove bad teachers.

Lombas said the school system prepared four tenure hearings last year. In each case, the teachers resigned so there was no need for the hearings.

Superintendent Toni Hamlin said there were 52 teacher tenure hearings in the entire state last year. She said she thought teacher tenure will be a hot topic throughout the state during the school year.

Lombas said parish principals are doing a good job weeding out teachers who are not doing their job.

“Our teachers are being monitored closely,” he said.

In another issue, Hamlin said she was pleased with the results of school performance scores and announced there were no schools in the district that had a negative rating such as academically unacceptable.

Hamlin complimented the principals and the school staffs for doing a good job.