Smartphone-toting visitors to the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum now can essentially meet the artists in their studio and learn about their inspirations, creative drive and even what tools they used — all in the palms of their hands.

The museum has launched a new video series called “Meet the Makers” that offers a window into the world of the artists behind the pieces displayed in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s art museum.

This semester, it’s providing six videos looking at the work of several artists who contributed to the exhibit: “Selections from the UL College of Art Faculty.” The artists include ceramist John Gargano; musician Catherine Roche-Wallace; and architects Michael McClure, Ursula Emery McClure and Sarah Young.

In videos that can be accessed through smartphones, the artists talk about their work and describe the creative process in pre-recorded interviews.

Museum Director LouAnne Greenwald said she hopes the new series brings a dialogue of making into the gallery and into the experience of seeing the art.

“More importantly, for the viewer to kind of see themselves in the artist, to recognize, ‘Oh gee, you know, I could make something like this. I have those materials at home,’ ” Greenwald said. “I really hope that people find it inspiring.”

The museum put the URLs of the interviews on display next to the pieces, and they also are available on the museum website.

The project was funded by a $7,500 grant from the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission Enterprise Fund.

Greenwald said she hopes “Meet the Makers” will continue at the museum for future exhibits, though they would have to find more funding.

“I hope this inspires people that they can see themselves as creative individuals and artists and makers,” Greenwald said.