All but two students who asked to be exempted from a rezoning plan that would have sent them to Broussard schools were granted hardship waivers that will allow them to remain in their Youngsville classrooms.

The Lafayette Parish School System allowed parents to apply for hardship waivers to remain at either Green T. Lindon Elementary or Youngsville Middle in lieu of being rezoned to Katharine Drexel Elementary and Broussard Middle schools.

Eighteen students applied for the exemptions, and at least 177 students were affected by the spot rezoning approved by the School Board earlier this summer as the first step to reduce overcrowded classrooms in the district.

The process targeted the most immediate need — classrooms at the two Youngsville schools where residential development continues to boom and the schools have had a difficult time keeping pace. Meanwhile, the board hired a demographer to start work on a comprehensive rezoning plan.

Of the 18 students who applied, seven were approved to stay at Youngsville Middle and nine were approved to stay at Green T. Lindon Elementary, said Steven Frugé, the school system’s child welfare and attendance supervisor.

He said two waiver requests were denied because those appeals were based on transportation issues parents faced getting their children to child care after school. Frugé said the school system decided to provide transportation to day care centers from school to accommodate parents .

Lafayette Parish students start school Aug. 13. Prior to the board’s vote on the change, some parents affected by the spot rezoning opposed it because of the timing — weeks before school started — and appealed for the board to table the issue until a comprehensive zoning plan could be put in place.

Demographer Mike Hefner told the board he plans to schedule workshops to keep the community informed about the process and a draft of the rezoning plan likely would be available before the Christmas break. Changes aren’t expected to be implemented until the 2016-17 school year, pending board actions.

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