The Lafayette Parish School Board on Wednesday will consider another push to maintain current staffing levels of assistant principals and dean of students positions.

When the board considered revisions to its budget on Dec. 8, it opted not to retain 11 assistant principal positions and four dean positions. During that meeting, the board approved a $5.3 million revision to the budget that retained some but not all positions that had been cut from the spending plan. At the same meeting, the board implemented its reduction-in-force policy. The school system managed to avoid layoffs by offering assistant principals teaching jobs, and the board will consider that staffing plan Wednesday.

It would cost about $900,000 to continue to fund the 11 assistant principal positions and four dean of students positions.

To pay for the $5.3 million budget revision, the board used about $1.6 million from its rainy day reserve and nearly $4 million from its capital projects contingency fund.

Interim Superintendent Burnell LeJeune had identified more than $7 million in potential funding sources for budget revisions to maintain current staffing levels and not disrupt campuses mid-school year.

Because the board didn’t adopt a 2014-15 budget by July 1, the start of the fiscal year, the school system operated under an interim budget that included last year’s staffing levels. The board adopted a budget on Sept. 15, but former Superintendent Pat Cooper refused to implement it.