The Lafayette Parish School Board plans to select its top three choices to interview for the superintendent job during a meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

The special meeting will follow a 5:30 p.m. meeting of the School Board’s finance committee, where committee members will be updated on potential changes to student-teacher ratios at schools with letter grades of A, B, or C from the Louisiana Department of Education.

Last month, the finance committee rejected a recommendation by the administration to increase class size at all schools as a way to save about $4 million. Two of the three committee members wanted to hold off on a decision on class size until the committee can review the budget, and budget talks related to the general fund won’t start until May.

The committee also will receive a report on the number of portable classroom buildings used throughout the district.

The only item on the agenda for the 7 p.m. special board meeting is the selection of superintendent interview candidates. Twelve educators have applied for the position. Based on updated information received from human resources assistant director Suzanne Thibodeaux, only two applicants — Curtis Green and Chad Broussard — lack superintendent certification in Louisiana or any other state.

Thibodeaux informed board members Tuesday that applicant Mathew Neal contacted her with information that he is certified as a superintendent in Colorado. Thibodeaux told board members she confirmed the information was accurate with the Colorado Department of Education.

The list of applicants and their educational experience is as follows:

Donald Aguillard, of Lafayette, current St. Mary Parish Schools superintendent, 39 years’ experience

Donna Alleman, of Pierre Part, director of academic services, Louisiana Schools of the Deaf and Visually Impaired, 30 years’ experience

Hamilton Brock, of Baker, principal of Baker Alternative Learning Center, 38 years of experience

Chad E. Broussard, of Jersey City, New Jersey, principal of St. Anthony High School, 12 years of experience

Curt Green, of Opelousas, interim principal of East Feliciana High School, 20 years of experience

Sheila Guidry, of Prairieville, executive management officer for Louisiana Department of Education, 22 years of experience

Joanie Hudson, of Cleburne, Texas, education consultant, 41 years of experience

Victoria B. Miles, of Forth Worth, Texas, director of federal programs for Keller (Texas) Independent School District, 32 years of experience

Mathew Neal, of Rock Springs, Wyoming, adjunct faculty at University of Colorado’s College of Education, 18 years of experience

Ayindé Rudolph, of Buffalo, New York, former associate director of school transportation for three neighborhood charter schools, 14 years of experience

Carlos Sam, of Baton Rouge, associate superintendent for East Baton Rouge Parish schools, 25.5 years of experience

Francis Touchet Jr., of Abbeville, network team leader for Louisiana Department of Education, 24 years of experience.

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