Since the start of school on Aug. 11, students at North Vermilion Middle and students at North Vermilion High have attended classes every other day of the week, sharing the same classrooms because construction of the new, adjacent middle school was incomplete.

That schedule — which involved students of both schools attending classes at least one Saturday — ends Monday, when the middle school students are expected to move into their new school building.

Students and teachers have handled the shared campus situation well, said Tommy Byler, principal of North Vermilion High. The high school previously housed students in grades seven through 12. The new middle school will enroll students in grades six through eight.

Byler said some construction on the new campus will be ongoing after students move in, but it will be confined to exterior buildings.

“We’ll have to make some concessions with the gym and the band room because those will not be ready,” Byler said. “There are adjustments that will have to be made, but those are all workable situations. The most important thing is getting our kids back on a five-day schedule.”

Students won’t have to make up any instructional time for the adjusted schedule because the district built in extra instructional minutes into the school year, Byler said.

Parents, students and teachers have been supportive while both schools have shared the same building, Byler said. Each campus had to attend school on one Saturday.

“We had 90 percent of our student body here,” he said. “Everybody is doing what we need to do. It’s time to get in a regular routine.”

Vermilion Parish Schools Superintendent Jerome Puyau has said weather delays and other needed work at the site delayed the completion date of the project, which includes an administration building, classroom wings and a gymnasium.

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