The new high school to be built in a sugar cane field in Youngsville could bear the name Caneview High or Cypress High.

A committee of volunteers narrowed down a list of four names by an email vote to the two names, which will be vetted by a committee of students. The School Board has the final say in the selection, and that decision likely won’t come until early next year.

District planning administrator Sandra Billeaudeau said in an email that four of the 10 committee members voted for Caneview High as their first choice, and three voted Cypress High as their second choice.

Cypress High, Veterans Memorial High and Youngsville High each received “first choice” votes from two committee members, while Caneview High also led as the top second choice option receiving another four votes. Cypress followed with three votes from committee members who liked the name enough as their second choice, while Veterans Memorial received two votes and Youngsville High received one vote from committee members selecting their second favorite school name.

The high school will enroll students from the Youngsville, Broussard and Milton areas, as well as the southern Lafayette city limits, Billeaudeau told the committee during its meeting Monday evening where members pared down a list of 17 suggestions to four.

The school is expected to open to students in August 2017.

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