The Vermilion Parish teacher who was arrested after she spoke out about teacher pay at a school board meeting says she hopes the ordeal prompts others to get more involved in education.

In an interview that aired Thursday morning on NBC, Deyshia Hargrave said it's sad that a woman "has to be forcibly, violently removed" from a school board meeting "for people to start caring."

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Hargrave said she hopes teachers and others outside of schools become more involved in education.

After going back to work Wednesday, Hargrave said she wasn't sure how her students, fifth and sixth graders, would react. But she told NBC that they were fine with it. 

"They're fine, so I'm fine," she said. 

Vermilion Parish Schools Superintendent Jerome Puyau told NBC he doesn't support his employees being arrested but added that "a person has to follow the rules."

Hargrave also said in the interview that she wants an apology from the marshal and the superintendent. 

School Board President Anthony Fontana told NBC that no one ordered the city marshal to remove Hargrave from the meeting, but that he agreed with the officer's actions. 

"He was ushering her out of the board meeting, and she resisted," Fontana said. 

A local prosecutor says he won't pursue charges against her.

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