The Lafayette Parish School Board’s property at the highly-trafficked corner of Ridge Road and Ambassador Caffery Parkway still is without a tenant.

The board’s recent second request for proposals to lease the property ended April 9 with only one proposal submitted, but the entry was submitted minutes after the deadline.

Because it was late, it cannot be considered by the board, said Matt Dugas, district finance director.

Dugas said an attorney advised him that the late proposal could be considered since there were two requests for proposals issued without a response.

He said he hasn’t viewed the proposal and the interested party did not leave it at central office for review.

“We’re attempting to get the proposal so we may review it and bring it to a committee,” Dugas said.

If the committee considers the proposal favorable, it will be presented to the School Board, he said.

The board issued a request for proposals last year after receiving environmental clearance from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality following the removal of underground gas storage tanks on the property.

The property, used as a gas station, has sat vacant for the past seven years. When it was leased, it generated nearly $6,000 a month.

Nearby School Board-owned properties are leased by chain restaurants Logan’s Roadhouse and Arby’s and respectively generate $72,600 and $31,500 annually.