Gov. John Bel Edwards greets legislators before making opening day remarks at the start of the special session Monday.

Advocate Staff Photo by PATRICK DENNIS

Today in The Rundown: Budget battle hits the House floor today; Sen. Troy Brown resigns; legislators look to next year's budget; Medicaid expansion hits new record; and more you may have missed from the Louisiana Capitol.

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  • Days until the special session ends: 5
  • Days until the 2017 regular Louisiana legislative session: 52
  • Days until the regular session ends: 111

The News

Budget: The state budget battle heads to the House floor today.

Brown: Troy Brown, facing an expulsion hearing next week, has resigned from the state Senate.

Flood: HUD has approved the state's plan for its initial wave of flood recovery money ahead of schedule and gave kudos to the state for its speedy efforts in securing the funds.

Medicaid: Louisiana's Medicaid expansion enrollment has surpassed 400,000 people.

Education: A three-hour meeting of the influential Superintendents' Advisory Council featured a heated debate over how to overhaul Louisiana's public schools.

FY 2018: House Speaker Taylor Barras has revived a plan that would use money from statutory dedications and fees to help pay down the state's bond debt.

Angola: A former Angola prison official has pleaded guilty to fraud in connection with theft of recreation funds.

Happening today

• Gov. John Bel Edwards will hold a press briefing after the House ends its day.  

• House convenes at 10 a.m., and the Senate comes in at 5 p.m.

      Bills on the House agenda include:

  • HB 3, Henry: A budget proposal that uses $74.6 million from the state's rainy day fund.

  • HB 8, Edmonds: A budget proposal that does not use the rainy day fund.

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