Because the numbers are so similar, there won’t be the usual Advocate Outdoors chart detailing the latest survey of ducks across the state’s coastal parishes.

State Waterfowl Survey leader Larry Reynolds report for his team’s fly-overs showed an estimate of 3.07 million ducks, a few more than December’s 3.02 million birds.

If you found more birds in the southwest parishes, that’s because there were more, and this January’s survey is more the 1 million more ducks than this time in 2017.

Reynolds’ report also noted:

  • A one-month increase in mallards from 94,000 to 188,000, for greenwing teal from 364,000 to 623,000, shovelers from 146,000 to 372,000 and dos gris from 106,000 to 273,000 with the increases in teal and shovelers showing up in the southwestern parishes.
  • A sharp, one-month decline in ring-necked ducks, from 797,000 to 334,000, mostly in the southeastern parished, and declines in bluewing teal from 122,000 to 58,000, and in pintails from 483,000 to 325,000.
  • The current estimate of gray ducks is 19 percent below the long-term January average (824,000).
  • The southeast areas suffered a decline with some 70 percent of the ducks found were located in the southwestern parishes.
  • And, the 39,000 ducks counted at Catahoula Lake was down considerably from the 111,000 counted in December.