A must-know for the folks using the Pearl River is a stretch of the East Pearl River (the Louisiana-Mississippi state line), north of Interstate 10 and near Mike’s River is being used for a Navy training exercise, and could be closed to boat traffic without advance notice.

The release explained: “These intermittent closures will be in effect until further notice. The training may occur any day or night of the week. Prior to closure Navy picket boats will patrol the area that will be off limits. Once the danger zone area has been cleared the boats will remain in position until it is safe to reopen the area to public access.”

For details, go to websites: https://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrse/installations/ncbc_gulfport.html or mvk.usace.army.mil/Missions/Regulatory.aspx.

Next week

Two big-time events set for the coming days.

First, next Tuesday, the Metro New Orleans CCA Fall Fishing Seminar set for Bryan Chevrolet on the Airline in Metairie. Jambalaya will be served beginning at 5:30 p.m. and organizers are asking for a $5 donation from adult men to cover expenses. The seminar is set to begin at 6:30 with a lineup featuring charter skippers Craig Matherne (Barataria Basin), Ron Broadus (Delacroix), emcees C.T. Williams (Breton Sound) and Sam Barbera (Lake Ponchartrain), Mike Gallo (Lake Borgne, Biloxi Marsh), Dudley Vandenborre (Rigolets, Ponchartrain), and Peace Marvel (Venice offshore).

Second is the long-awaited Civilian Marksmanship Program’s M1 Garand Rifle clinic set for Dec. 9 at the Southwest Gun Club in McComb, Mississippi.

This is the first step most all interested in World War II firearms have taken in securing a personal M1 Garand, the .30-06 rifle carried by the majority of U.S. Infantry and Marines.

Club secretary Doug Bowser said the clinic is co-sponsored by the Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association and sessions cover the gamut of the operation, safety and care for this historic rifle along with a 35-shot CMP 100-yard “A” course serving as a qualifier.

Sign-in begins at the club at 8:30 a.m. The course will begin at 9 a.m. and you’ll need to being a lunch, beverage(s), eye and ear protection and a tarp or shooting mat.

The $45 fee will cover ammo and use of an M1 Garand. Anyone younger than 18 will pay $10 for a junior club membership, but will not be eligible to purchase a Garand from CMP upon completing the course.

For information, call the club (601) 341-8797 or email Bowser: douglasmbowser@yahoo.com.