LAFAYETTE — Comeaux coach Jeremy Whittington said he’s seen a lot of teams go through a bad stretch like the one his Spartans ran into this season.

“I couldn’t put my finger on this one,” he said. “I know we have a lot of young kids playing, but it’s been a two- or three- week funk. Our team (Friday) is what we started the season out with.”

In Friday’s game against District 3-5A leader Acadiana, Comeaux took over in the fourth quarter, which included a 17-2 run. Comeaux’s Jordan Foster led all scorers with 20 points and Braxton Stevens’ defense held Acadiana’s Myles Hutchinson in check as the Spartans came up big with a 66-50 home win.

“We smothered Miles with (Stevens) and (Stevens) is perfectly fine playing that kind of defense,” Whittington said. “He scored a little tonight, but he is just a muscle on the floor. He rips rebounds and takes charges. He is a hustle kid.

“Acadiana is good. I knew they were good from the second I saw them at the Sunkist (tournament). They have the athletes, and they’re coached well. Our kid — just at some point in the fourth quarter — said enough is enough. Our power ranking is where it is because we were able to play like that against quality teams.”

Acadiana got into foul trouble in the fourth quarter with Cody Bourque and Austin Pate eventually fouling out. Comeaux played the fourth quarter in the bonus and hit 4 of 6 free throws when called upon.

Comeaux was not without its own foul trouble, as Foster picked up his fourth foul early in the fourth quarter. Whittington said he couldn’t take Foster out, so he gambled.

“Jordan got his fourth early, and I just felt like we couldn’t take him out,” Whittington said. “Our defense stepped up with blocked shots and steals. We might have given up only two open shots in the fourth. It was much needed in that spurt where they took over.”

Whittington said he missed the fire that his team displayed earlier that returned Friday. Although the district championship hopes may have slipped away, Whittington said he is not upset that the Spartans have seemed to find their stride this late into the season.

“We have missed that team,” he said. “That is what I coached at the beginning of the year. I’ve also seen some stinky basketball, but these kids needed a game like this to get their confidence back

“Hopefully we get a little momentum with these next few games, and we have a chance to close the district the way we are supposed to. We may not have a chance at the district, but I will be more than satisfied with that effort going into the playoffs.”