LAFAYETTE — Lafayette Christian twin stars Jacob and Kalob LeDoux signed with McNeese State Monday — the first basketball scholarships signed in LCA history.

Lafayette Christian coach Byron Starks said the twins had several options — some together, some separate — but ultimately made the best decision for their futures as they head west to Lake Charles.

“As a coach, I felt they would be better together,” Starks said. “Some schools wanted one and some wanted both. They toyed with it for a while, but they knew once we sat down and talked that they would be be better together and wanted to stay together.

“They weighed all the options and made the best decision for the school that fits their need as players. They wanted to stay together, and McNeese was the top choice.”

Starks said he has been privileged to watch the LeDoux twins lead the Knights to back-to-back district championships and trips to the Top 28. Starks said he knew immediately both players had Division I talent.

“When they came into the program, I knew they had a chance,” Starks said. “It’s been a privilege to watch them grow from the first time they set foot on campus to what they have become. They’ve grown in every area of the game. They have gotten stronger, and they’ve learned how to play basketball. They will represent LCA and McNeese State well.”

Starks said last basketball season was an important one for the brothers. During the 2013-14 season — a team led by seven seniors — Starks said he thought the pair may have relied a little too much on that leadership.

“Last year was a pivotal point in their career,” Starks said. “We had seven seniors the year before and they kind of fed off those guys. I was concerned on how they would accept that role of leadership and they did a great job. They led us to another district championship and top 28. To watch them mature is pretty amazing and I think they are on target to have a successful college career.”

As for differences, there aren’t many, Starks said. Kalob shoots from the left side and Jacob from the right side, but Starks said they’re both great shooters and both play great defense.

As for the future of LCA, Starks said undoubtedly the twins will be missed.

Starks had little to add on the situation with Galen Alexander — the 6-foot-6, 215-pound Breaux Bridge transfer who has scholarship offers from just about every school in the state, including UL-Lafayette and LSU. Starks said they are “going through the process” to get Alexander eligible, but he said the leadership Jacob and Kalob have displayed is becoming contagious to the entire program.

“We’ll miss their toughness and they have no fear of any opponent,” Starks said. “They love to compete, and I’ll certainly miss that, but I think the mark they have made with some of our younger players that have the desire to play college ball and the desire to fill their shoes is trickling down to the entire program. I am going to miss them, but they’ve done a good job, and we have a lot of young talent.”