YOUNGSVILLE — The 100-41 final score between Lafayette Christian and Ascension Episcopal doesn’t even begin to tell the story of what transpired in a bizarre high school basketball game.

AES coach Eric Mouton said the margin 59-point margin his team lost by didn’t come as a surprise. He said he was frustrated with LCA’s addition of Galen Alexander, the former Breaux Bridge star who has been trying to get cleared to play all season long. Alexander was cleared Friday afternoon and played Friday night.

“This was a high school basketball team against an AAU team,” Mouton said. “How could you not get frustrated? They got kids from all over the state, and they get a kid eligible today through arbitration, which probably cost them $50,000. Their fans are screaming at my kids that they suck. I just don’t think that is the way you run a program.”

The Knights got 29 from Kalob Ledoux and 19 from Jacob Ledoux. Alexander added eight points in limited action. LCA coach Byron Starks said it was good to get Alexander back and the drama surrounding the game comes with the territory.

“Galen hadn’t played in a while,” Starks said. “The nerves in the game are different. He is going to be fine and add another dimension to our team.

“As for the other stuff, we don’t worry about the antics or what the fans are doing and saying or what the other coach is saying. We just get out and play our game. I think it is important for us to go through that as a team that way if we go through another hostile environment, we remain family-like and professional.”

Mouton took issue with LCA playing a press defense while up 50 points in the fourth quarter. The Blue Gators began fouling, sending the Knights to the free-throw line.

“If you’re up 50 and you’re going to press, we’ll just send them to the line,” Mouton said. “When you’re a Christian school, you have to worry about your kids, but also the kids on the other team. Embarrassing us and every other team in our district like this is not what this is all about.

“My kids just come out here and work hard. They aren’t going to laugh or taunt when they make a 3-pointer. They’re just going to play basketball, and we’d like to play on a level playing field. To get that kid eligible today, just added to it. It was going to be a 50-point game anyway. If that’s fair … to me, that’s just not the way things ought to be done.”

LCA led 46-31 at halftime. Eli Mouton led AES with 16 points, including three 3-pointers. Ronald LeBlanc added 12 points for AES, but the starters were pulled in the middle of the third quarter. AES played mostly freshman for the rest of the second half.