After assessing film from Saturday’s scrimmage, University of Louisiana at Lafayette coach Mark Hudspeth came away satisfied with where his team was.

But Hudspeth said he still was looking for a little something extra.

The scrimmage was the team’s first full-contact practice of the season.

And while there were a couple noticeable hits throughout the scrimmage, it didn’t quite have the feel of a game-day environment.

“I told the team and the coaches that I would’ve loved to have seen us play a little more physical,” Hudspeth said.

“It was the end of a long week, and we practiced that morning.

“We didn’t quite have the emotion I would’ve liked to have seen us have.

“It wasn’t bad, but I still would’ve liked to have seen us a little more physical than what we were.”

The team has another long week ahead of it, with two-a-days scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Cajuns will scrimmage again Saturday and will get some live tackling work Wednesday.

The Cajuns largely have managed to avoid injuries, though Hudspeth is starting to see a little of the usual camp attrition, which he attributed to “wear and tear.”

A few players were wearing orange practice uniforms Monday morning.

Hudspeth said those players were good to practice, they should just avoid contact if possible.

“It’s just so everybody’s alert not to plow into those guys,” Hudspeth said.

Linebacker looking clearer

While Saturday’s scrimmage was not as physical as Hudspeth wanted it to be, it did clear up the middle linebacker positions a bit.

Five players entered the scrimmage in the mix for two jobs, but there appear to be two front-runners now.

“Right now, it looks like Chris Hill and Kevin Fouquier,” Hudspeth said.

“We like the depth behind them with Trae Johnson, T.J. Posey and Trey Granier.

“But those are the two right now that are running with the 1s.”

Fouquier didn’t play Saturday as he recovered from a foot injury, but he was back out at practice in an orange jersey Monday morning.

All drain, no gain

Looking for a way to drop some of that excess weight?

Running through a two-hour practice six days a week in the summer heat is a good place to start for those who aren’t faint of heart.

Of course, dropping pounds isn’t often a goal for a football player. But it’s something they all have to deal with during the dog days of fall camp.

Even noted workout warrior Hudspeth has felt the effects of running around in the sun, losing what he estimated to be 5 or 6 pounds.

“It’s a fine line between adding muscle and dropping weight,” Hudspeth said. “This camp and this heat will do that to you.”

Luke Johnson