MONROE — They might not have been able to play baseball, but they made the most of their time.

As Louisiana-Lafayette and Louisiana-Monroe neared the three-hour mark of a rain delay Friday night, the players started passing messages back and forth between dugouts, the notes scrawled on baseballs and tossed across the tarp-covered field.

After a handful of messages were shared, both teams turned to the press box and shouted to turn up the volume on the music.

Something, as the kids might say, with a fat beat.

As the press box cranked up the volume on Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie,” freshman infielder Kennon Fontenot burst out of the Cajuns dugout and into an aggressive dance routine in front of his howling teammates.

The Warhawks watched — and responded with a twerking catcher.

Call it a draw.

The dance music kept playing, but neither team could find a soul with the nerve to gyrate in front of the tens of fans that remained in the rain.

The rain delay antics wouldn’t stop there.

Gathered near their dugout, the Cajuns formed a tight circle and then collectively bent over to reveal a bare-chested Riley Cooper, who used a fungo bat as a pretend “shake weight” and pantomimed workouts.

The team then rose, obscuring Cooper, and when it dropped back down, the more muscular Dylan Butler emerged, doing the same workouts, the object of the gag being a faux transformation in the team huddle.

Then it was time for the team games. Each team sent three representatives to home plate for a best two-out-of-three rock, paper, scissors tournament.

UL-Monroe took the first matchup, beating Cajuns senior Evan Powell. But pitchers Will Bacon and Reagan Bazar closed strong, and Bazar made the Cajuns the Monroe rock, paper, scissors champion, sending his team into a frenzy as if it just won the conference tournament.

UL-Monroe would dominate the next competition, as six players gathered near home plate for a two-ball competition, basically a baseball version of hot potato. A player was eliminated from the circle if he dropped the ball. The Cajuns didn’t eliminate a single Warhawk.

The final shenanigan of the night came when Brenn Conrad put Cooper on his back and started a set of teammate squats.

Conrad easily knocked out nine as his teammates counted the repetitions, then feigned having difficulty with the 10th. His teammates started screaming encouragement, and Conrad knocked out the 10th and final rep with a roar.

The Warhawks looked as if they were drumming up their response when word came that the game was cancelled.

Before the Warhawks left the field, they stripped down to their undershirts and shorts and treated the tarp covering the infield as if it were a giant slip and slide.

One last bit of fun before the serious act of playing baseball returns for a Saturday double-header.

The game was finally called Friday night after a more than three-hour delay. The first game of the Saturday doubleheader will start at 11 a.m.

Lightning in the area was a big factor early, pushing the game’s start back in 30-minute increments. Then the rain came, inundating the field in a heavy downpour.

The rain stopped for at least an hour, but with a large storm cell heading toward Monroe, the teams didn’t start the game, hoping they could avoid a stoppage and outlast the second cell.

More inclement weather is expected in the area Saturday, with some forecasts calling for a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms starting at 11 a.m.