LAFAYETTE — The Ragin’ Cajuns Athletics Foundation will hold its first membership call out meeting Saturday morning to present the priority point system the organization is implementing for the next athletic year.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Louisiana-Lafayette football spring game, taking place later in the afternoon at Cajun Field. A crawfish boil benefiting the RCAF will take place shortly before the game.

Executive Director Jim Harris said the RCAF is planning to make the call out meeting an annual event.

“It’s something we’ve put in our bylaws, and we are anticipating doing this annually,” Harris said. “The time and date range could change, but this year we decided to do it at the spring game because it lines up well with the introduction of our priority point system.”

The meeting, which is being held at Angelle Hall from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., will be open to all RCAF members.

Harris said the RCAF’s 24-person board of directors will conduct a meeting in front of members for roughly 30 minutes, during which it will discuss RCAF business before switching to an introduction to the priority points system.

“It’s an introduction of the point system; how it’s going to work, how points will be calculated, what all factors play into a point total. Then we’ll open it up for some questions and some feedback,” Harris said.

Priority point systems are generally put in place to reward members on a scale commensurate with their donations, season ticket purchases and attendance at athletic events. These points are added up and are used to determine, among other things, seat and parking location.

The RCAF has not yet publicly released what its system may look like, which is why the organization is holding the meeting Saturday.

After the meeting, the RCAF will host a crawfish boil fundraiser at Cajun Field. The boil is scheduled to start at Gate A at noon, two hours before the spring game is scheduled to kick off.

Harris said the crawfish plates will sell for $20 with all proceeds benefitting the RCAF.