LAFAYETTE — Last season’s 31-28 loss to ULM at Cajun Field resulted in a broken arm for quarterback Terrance Broadway and deflated dreams for a team looking to achieve its first 10-win season in team history.

The UL-Lafayette senior quarterback isn’t forgetting that loss any time soon.

Broadway said he can still recount the entire series leading up to his broken arm. The Cajuns, who were winners of eight straight heading into that game, were struggling offensively.

“It was very frustrating,” Broadway said. “When I got hurt, we were down by 10 — we were down, but we weren’t out of it — but it was a breaking point in the game, me getting hurt at that time. It was heartbreaking for me. I’m still in disbelief.”

What made it worse for Broadway was the second-guessing afterward. His throws on the two plays before the injury were off the mark, leading him to wonder while he was recovering from the injury.

“You get to thinking, what if I would’ve thrown a perfect ball the play before?” Broadway said. “We wouldn’t have been in that situation. It was so weird how the situation went.”

Broadway said he broke his arm when bracing his fall, something he’s been doing his entire life without incident. It was, in Broadway’s terms, a “freakish play.”

Even now as Broadway watches other quarterbacks, he sees them brace for impact the same way he did last year against Monroe.

“It was just an unfortunate situation, but everything happens for a reason,” Broadway said.

Never again

The Cajuns accepted a bid to their third consecutive New Orleans Bowl in the immediate aftermath of last season’s 31-28 loss to ULM, creating an awkward situation that coach Mark Hudspeth said won’t happen again.

“That was the hardest thing I believe I’ve ever done as a coach,” Hudspeth said. “I would never allow that to happen again. We would wait until the next day, or whatever. It’s not the right protocol to accept a bowl invitation 10 minutes after a stinging loss.

“That was poor planning on our part. We just didn’t give our kids that opportunity to feel like they’ve had a sense of accomplishment.”

Broadway remembered the situation similarly.

“It was very awkward as a team. I don’t even think anybody celebrated afterward. When the New Orleans Bowl committee came in and introduced themselves and told us we were invited, everybody just was still in tears.”

Injured Cajuns

Junior linebacker Trey Granier tore his ACL against New Mexico State and will miss the rest of the season.

Hudspeth said Granier sustained the injury on a non-contact play in the second half of the game on a play he wasn’t even supposed to be in on. He was subbing in on the team’s punt coverage unit when it happened.

“He ran down, planted and it buckled,” Hudspeth said.

Granier — who was in his first year of eligibility with the Cajuns after transferring from LSU — had recorded one tackle in nine games this season.

Marcus Jackson, who has primarily served on special teams, will also be held out this weekend.

“Christian Sager, he’s already one of our top special teams players, but he will get an additional role (filling in for Jackson),” Hudspeth said. “(Freshman linebacker) T.J. Posey will fill in for Granier.”