LAFAYETTE — The Louisiana-Lafayette basketball team is logging some serious air miles this summer.

Assistant coach Gus Hauser and redshirt freshman forward Scott Plaisance were the latest Cajuns to depart for foreign soil Thursday, when they left the states for an eight-day trip to Europe to play with Global Sports Academy.

Earlier this month, sophomores Johnathan Stove and Bryce Washington left for New Zealand, where they will spend three weeks playing ball with Athletes in Action.

The Cajuns will have had five players play in a foreign country this summer, with Plaisance, Stove and Washington joining Shawn Long, who played in Canada for the Pan-American Games, and Jay Wright, who played in China.

“Culturally, it’s hard to replace an experience like that, to be in a different culture around new people, new languages, having a chance to see some of these sights that are probably once-in-a-lifetime sights,” Hauser said.

Hauser will serve as the head coach of an 11-man roster that includes players from UAB, Clemson, SMU and Southern University.

His team will be based out of Brussels, Belgium, and will also play games in Germany and Holland. Hauser said the team will play five games.

“I think, from a playing standpoint, it’s a great experience,” Hauser said.

“They’ll play against really good players who are older. These guys are men, they’re in their mid-to-late 20s.

“From an exposure standpoint, a lot of different scouts and people in the international game will get to see their talents first-hand.”

Hauser said the players will also have a day set aside just for sightseeing, allowing the players to cross the English channel and visit a fourth country on the trip.