Already working on his master’s, Cajuns junior Kevin Fouquier a student of football, life _lowres

Advocate file photo by BRAD BOWIE -- UL-Lafayette linebacker Kevin Fouquier tackles his educational goals every bit as hard as he does opposing ball carriers.

LAFAYETTE — Football, at its core, is all about who can execute a plan best.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette linebacker Kevin Fouquier is living proof that life can work the same way if you’re diligent enough.

The junior has already completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science/Pre Law, and after taking his Graduate Management Admission Test a few weeks ago, he has been accepted into the UL-Lafayette school of business.

“I had a plan about what I wanted to do before I came to college,” Fouquier said. “The goal was to graduate in three years, and it was just executing that goal.

“I took a heavy workload my redshirt freshman year, because I wouldn’t be having anything but football. I doubled up those first two semesters and took two classes every summer. Got it done in three years.”

Fouquier is one of three Cajuns on the roster pursuing graduate degrees, joined by senior defensive backs Zach Degrange and T.J. Worthy.

But Fouquier still has two years of eligibility remaining, and he estimated that by the time next football season is over, he’ll have completed the necessary coursework to receive his MBA.

“That’s crazy,” coach Mark Hudspeth said. “That’s somebody who is taking advantage of a free education, getting every bit out of that.”

There are a lot of demands on a student-athlete’s schedule. They need to manage their schedules around practice, team meetings, travel and schoolwork.

But Fouquier insists it wasn’t that difficult to accomplish. He sees it as simply adopting a football mentality toward his coursework.

He said now that he’s in graduate school, the demands on his time spent in a classroom will diminish.

“It’s just one night a week for grad school, it’s not that hard,” Fouquier said. “It’s a lot better than last semester, where I took 21 hours. Now, one night a week, that’s less for me.”

That also opens up time for another studious passion of Fouquier’s. Without class during the day, he can make his way to the Cajuns practice facility and watch film.

The son of a coach, Fouquier has always had a knack for understanding the finer points of the game.

Sometimes, highly intelligent players can get in trouble by thinking too much on the field. They can look slow on the field because they’re processing the game as it unfolds in their head rather than their gut, but that hasn’t been an issue for Fouquier.

“He’s got some natural football instincts,” Hudspeth said. “He’s been around the game his whole life, it comes natural to him.”

The Cajuns are taking advantage of Fouquier’s ability to absorb football knowledge.

“Right now, in four different packages, I play five different positions,” Fouquier said. “I think I play the most positions out of anybody on defense right now, depending on the package. The coaches know I can handle that, because I’ll be up here throughout the season studying film.”

Senior linebacker Dominique Tovell said: “He really knows what’s going on, he’s a real smart guy, he knows his plays, we can put him in multiple spots. He adjusts real well, real fast to it.”

Football isn’t Fouquier’s lone passion, however. He spent the summer interning at the state capitol with state Reps. Stuart Bishop and Jack Montoucet as part of the Future Leaders Internship Program.

The application process was tough, Fouquier said, with only seven applicants being selected for the positions, but it was an experience he wouldn’t trade.

“I made a lot of great connections and learned a lot about the legislative process, how it really works,” Fouquier said. “It was eye-opening, and it is for sure what I want to do one day.”

One day? That doesn’t sound like a phrase a man with a plan uses. But Fouquier quickly followed it up.

“I will get into politics in about eight years,” Fouquier said.

Judging by what he’s already accomplished, you might as well book it.