Advocate file photo by BRYAN TUCK -- Workers build forms to pour concrete into last May at the south end zone of Cajun Field in Lafayette. The end zone got new seats as part of the first phase of a sports complex reconstruction plan.

LAFAYETTE — Tier II of UL-Lafayette’s athletic facilities master plan was approved by the UL system board Thursday, officially putting in motion the beginnings of a revamped M.L. “Tigue” Moore field and Cajun Field.

Director of Athletics Scott Farmer read the proposal verbatim as “the University of Lousiana-Lafayette’s request for approval to develop and implement Tier II of the university’s athletic master plan, including additions and renovations to M.L. Tigue Moore Field” has been approved.

Farmer said this step was a bit of a formality, since the system board approved the entire master plan when it was first developed.

Tier I of the plan called for an additional seating in Cajun Field’s south end zone, the construction of the Athletics Performance Center adjacent to the indoor practice facility and upgrades to the track and soccer facility.

“So what (Thursday’s approval) was, basically, was kind of a reminder that we’re in the process of finalizing Tier I, so let’s work on working on Tier II now,” Farmer said.

Farmer said the university has already selected an architecture firm — Lafayette-based Abell+Crozier+Davis — to work on M.L. “Tigue” Moore Field.

That firm will partner with what Farmer termed a “national firm that is renowned for collegiate baseball stadiums.”

“We’re extremely excited to have the local firm, because every single person in the local firm’s business is a UL grad, so they’re going to take great pride in their work,” Farmer said. “And they’ve partnered with an architectural company that’s designed some of the best collegiate baseball facilities in the country.”

The budget for the baseball project will not exceed $10 million, Farmer said.

While this is the first step, Farmer said he was not able to provide a timeline for the completion of Tier II just yet.

“Our very first meeting with them is next week,” Farmer said. “We haven’t even had a meeting with them yet. Once we start meeting with them next week and on a regular basis, we will form some sort of a timeline.”

The master plan was initially budgeted for $115 million and broken up into three tiers, based on the levels of priority.

The final tier of the plan consists of “a new sports plaza behind the south end of Cajun Field, renovation of the Academic Center, proposed improvements at Earl K. Long Gym and the Culotta Tennis Center and a new basketball practice facility,” according to the school’s website.