LAFAYETTE — Fire up the Louis Armstrong and fill your travel mug with the best and darkest New Orleans roast you can find, because the Ragin’ Cajuns are headed back to their home away from home.

And man, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Look, I get it. Some Louisiana-Lafayette fans might be weary of the New Orleans Bowl. This is, after all, the fourth time in four years that the Cajuns will be making the trip to the Big Easy.

Maybe another bowl would’ve been a welcome respite from dreary old New Orleans.

What was the line actress Cindy Morgan expertly delivered in her role as Lacey Underall in Caddyshack?

Ah, yes — I was really getting tired of having so much fun all the time.

New Orleans, what a bummer. Like there’s even anything to do or see there.

Did I forget to turn the sarcasm font on?

There are so many worse places to spend a day or week than in New Orleans, even if you’re all too familiar with the city, and especially when you look at the other possible destinations.

Nothing against the state of Alabama (especially the golf there — hello, Robert Trent Jones trail!) but its Sun Belt bowl sites don’t really have the New Orleans panache.

The Cajuns could’ve gone to Mobile to play a Mid American Conference team in the Go Daddy Bowl.

They could’ve played in Montgomery for the Camellia Bowl, which was added to the rotation this offseason as the Sun Belt’s newest bowl tie in.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick with the Crescent City.

Give me New Orleans, with all its quirks. Give me all the food, the music and the experience the city has to offer. Give me a venue that has hosted numerous Super Bowls and NCAA national championships, a venue that a few weeks later will serve as a college football playoff site.

That’s not to say that coach Mark Hudspeth or his players — or for that matter, the fans — would not be interested in going to another bowl. And this isn’t even about shaking things up a bit. Hudspeth, with the verbal savvy of a smooth politician, said going to any bowl, regardless of destination, is a privilege and an honor.

But there’s something about New Orleans that jives with the Cajuns and its fan base.

“It just so happens that the New Orleans Bowl is a great city and a place that our fans love to visit,” Hudspeth said. “It just so happens you get to play in the (Mercedes-Bena) Superdome. It just so happens that this bowl has turned into, to me, one of the better bowls in the country if you look at average attendance the last three years.”

There are a lot of things to like about going to New Orleans for the postseason. About the only excuse I can fathom with not wanting to go to the same place four years in a row is boredom with the repetitiveness.

Then I think about the fact that the Cajuns went four decades without a bowl appearance. Tack on another quarter century or so and you’ll have the length of time the school went without a bowl win.

That’s a boring repetitiveness nobody wants to re-visit. The Cajuns have proven that you can do a lot worse than going to four straight New Orleans Bowls.

Maybe Trevence Patt, a fifth-year senior, would have the best perspective on the matter. He’s seen what it’s like to go through a season when not much goes right, as it did in his redshirt season when the Cajuns went just 3-9. He’s also a grizzled New Orleans Bowl veteran.

So, no dancing around it, put it right to him: is it starting to get a little old going back to New Orleans for the bowl game? Would you rather be going somewhere else?

“Winning never gets old,” said senior Trevence Patt. “You’ve got to enjoy it every time.”