That three-game losing streak at the beginning of the season? It’s a thing of the past. The Cajuns put together the dominant type of performance everybody thought they’d be capable of at the beginning of the season. Their big-time players made big time plays on the offensive side of the ball, and their defense made life difficult on Texas State, who didn’t sustain a single long drive until garbage time. 2. TRENDING NOW

The fat guy touchdown. Christian Ringo, who had a phenomenal night manning the interior of the Cajuns defensive line, scooped up the Cajuns first fumble recovery of the season in the second quarter and rumbled 41 yards for a touchdown. It might not have been the most graceful of highlights, but you can guarantee it’ll find its way on “SportsCenter.” Quarterback Terrance Broadway was complimentary after the game, saying Ringo is sneaky fast.


This was the team everybody figured they would’ve seen earlier this season. They were loose. They were playing confident, aggressive football and weren’t worried about expectations. All of that, combined with talent and chemistry that’s been building over the last couple seasons, and you saw why people were picking the Cajuns to be darkhorse contenders at the beginning of the season. Who knows if this is the team we’ll continue to see as the season goes on, but for one night, everybody saw what all that potential can do when it’s realized.