This is just more reinforcement of what we learned last week: Defensively, the Cajuns are in trouble. Normally, a Southeastern Conference team beats a Sun Belt team by simply imposing its will, but the Cajuns weren’t simply outmanned. Rebels receivers were running free and clear for most of the day (if not all of it), and for the second straight week, the opponents ripped huge holes in the run defense.


Bo Wallace completed his first 14 passes and had almost 300 yards to his credit by the time his Rebels went to the locker room with a 28-6 halftime lead. UL-Lafayette made life easy for the senior quarterback, who had a clean pocket to dissect the Cajuns mostly out-of-place pass coverage units. Wallace left the game midway through the third quarter.


If the Cajuns could’ve held on to the ball against Ole Miss, things might’ve gone a little differently. But after turning the ball over four more times Saturday, they’ve had nine giveaways in three games. That problem is made worse by the fact that the Cajuns have only forced one turnover in those same three games. That’s not a blueprint for success.