With five kids and a well-earned reputation for slothfulness, Jim Gaffigan has plenty of material for his stand-up act.

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The reason behind Jim Gaffigan's abruptly postponed New Orleans show was revealed on social media: His wife needed urgent brain surgery. 

Gaffigan, who posted on April 17 that his show at Saenger Theatre would be postponed due to "a family emergency" recently shared that Jeannie Gaffigan's surgery to remove a tumor from around her brain stem had been successful.

"Mom takes care of us. Now we take care of her," wrote Jim Gaffigan, sharing a photo of Jeannie in a hospital bed with two of their five children. 

Jeannie Gaffigan later posted on Instagram: "I'm coming back! Thanks for your prayers. I'm alive!"

The surgery was done at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, according to reports. 

Gaffigan's show was rescheduled to Nov. 3, to which all tickets purchased to the original April 21 date would be honored. 

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