A recent column highlighted the Winter Storm of 1899 with record cold in Dallas, Washington, Tallahassee and Minden, La. Buzz Obier validated this event, forwarding a letter while investigating old family correspondence for LSU’s Hill Memorial Libraries. The letter was written by Buzz’s great-grandmother, Mrs. C.J. Barrow, to her oldest daughter, Leila B. Mays. The letter also references “Little Daisy,” Buzz’s mother — Daisy May Obier. Mrs. Barrow’s letter described ice floes blocking the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. She wrote, “Last week the intense cold and dreary dark days kept us busy keeping up fires. The river was filled with great masses of ice from bank to bank … for four days it floated by and no boats could run both the ferry and the mail boat were tied up.” Fastcast: Rain returns.


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