Cellcontrol, a Baton Rouge firm selling technology that prevents drivers from using their cell phones, announced that its devices are now compatible with most telematics devices, such as GPS and automated driving assistance programs, that also use the data port used to diagnose vehicle performance.

The data port is typically situated beneath the steering column. According to Cellcontrol, its device doesn’t interfere with others using the data port.

This means commercial fleet managers can track and manage vehicles via GPS and other technologies, known as telematics, secure in the knowledge that Cellcontrol’s device will prevent drivers from texting, emailing, Web surfing or using phones inappropriately while driving.

Commercial fleets rely on technology that use the data ports to manage their drivers, according to Cellcontrol, while providing drivers with mobile phones or laptops for crucial communications.

“Phones and laptops create dangerous distraction, thus requiring a distracted driving solution that can co-exist,” Scott Springer, chief executive officer of Cellcontrol, said in a news release. “With this advance in our safety technology, fleet managers don’t have to choose between robust telematics and effective prevention of distracted driving.”