With the passage of time, our “do-gooders” have augmented entitlement programs and grants so that we resemble the runaway steam locomotive that is sure to crash. To put the problem in simple terms, divide the $26 billion state budget among the state’s population as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau on April 1, as being 4,533,476 men, women and children.

This results in a cost for these men, women and children of $5,735.11 each! Perhaps these men, women and children could start taking in each other’s laundry at a reasonable price so that each does his share of paying for this. Or maybe we should get serious about cutting spending?

But cutting entitlements and grants would deprive office seekers of their method of legitimately buying votes. So where do we start? However, we must start paring the $26 billion budget at some time and placed not too far from now.

Thomas Martin Swatloski

retired educator

New Iberia