New Orleans — Officials plan to begin work on 47 capital projects worth $186 million and will complete another 52 projects by the end of the year.

Many of the projects are post-Katrina repairs to or replacement of facilities the storm damaged but will restore the quality of life for residents, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in a prepared statement.

“By prioritizing libraries, parks and playgrounds and public safety facilities, we are working every day to build the city we always knew we could be,” Landrieu said.

Overall, the city last year completed 25 projects worth $60 million. Eight of those projects were begun in 2012, while 17 were carried over from previous years.

The city began 27 new project last year, representing an investment of $87 million. Among those projects: the St. Roch Market, a new headquarters for the New Orleans Police Department’s 5th District, the Tremé Center and Joe W. Brown Center in the park of the same name in eastern New Orleans.

Projects city officials expect to complete this year include Joe Brown Park, Cita Hubbell Library in Algiers Point, NOFD Engine No. 26 on South Jefferson Davis Parkway in Mid-City, NOFD Engine No. 31 on Alba Road in Venetian Isles, Stallings St. Claude Community Center and repairs to the Milne Boys Home in Gentilly.

Capital improvement projects completed in 2012 were:

  • Algiers Regional Library, $9,246,673.
  • New Orleans East Regional Library, $7,579,200.
  • Wesley Barrow Stadium, Pontchartrain Park, $6,476,282
  • NOPD 7th District Police Station, eastern New Orleans, $6,382,917.
  • Rosa Keller Library, Broadmoor, $6,797,279.
  • Norman Mayer Library, Gentilly, $5,734,444.
  • Robert E. Smith Library, Lakeview, $4,563,021.
  • Louis Armstrong Park (phase 2), Tremé, $3,786,556.
  • Oliver Bush Playground, Lower 9th Ward, $2,151,283.
  • Comiskey Park and Playground, Mid-City, $833,359.
  • Sam Bonart Playground and Pool, Lower 9th Ward, $429,915.
  • Behrman Soccer Complex (Phase 1), Algiers, $2,286,817.
  • Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center Phase 1, Central City, $839,901.
  • Brechtel Park (park only), Algiers, $576,015.
  • West End Park, Lakeview, $470,147.
  • Parks & Parkways maintenance buildings, Gentilly, $383,710.
  • Latter Library, Uptown, $321,079.
  • NOFD Engine No. 40, Algiers, $232,320.
  • Norwood Thompson Playground (phase 1), Gert Town, $137,996.
  • High-mast lighting at Daneel, Dauphine, F.P. Jackson & Larry Gilbert playgrounds, $126,459.
  • Behrman Park gym, Algiers, $118,214.
  • Parks & Parkways Fuel Island, Gentilly, $110,438.
  • Norwood Thompson Playground, Gert Town, $99,579.
  • Carrollton-Hollygrove Senior Center demolition, $96,275.
  • Kingswood Playground, eastern New Orleans, $74,816.