Former Gov. Edwin Edwards promoted his biography Saturday and revealed details about a new book he’s writing.

The book will be “mostly about the trial,” said Edwards, referring to his prosecution on racketeering charges involving riverboat casino licenses that sent him to federal prison.

“Most of it will be verbatim excerpts from the trial,” said Edwards, adding that it should be ready in a year. “I want the people to know to what lengths the prosecution can go to convict people.”

Edwards fielded questions about his plans for a book sequel many times from some of the hundreds of people getting the four-term governor’s autograph during the first in a series of book-signing events.

The line of autograph seekers snaked up and down aisles of the bookstore at CitiPlace Court. People carried up to five books to the table where Edwards sat. They sought a personalized message written inside the book, “Edwin Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, An Authorized Biography,” by Leo Honeycutt.

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