Logan Leger, an LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Fellow and LSU engineering student, participated in the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards, or GSEA, finals in November, according to an LSU news release.

Leger’s participation in the Fort Worth round in April placed him in the Global Finals. Leger competed in the GSEA finals with students from across the globe and finished in the top 30. As a student entrepreneur, Leger went "head-to-head against best student entrepreneurs in the world," according to the GSEA website.

Leger said it was an honor to be considered a top student entrepreneur.

"I was competing against people from all over the world, so I met people from Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, really from all corners of the world," Leger said in the release.

GSEA is a program that is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, or EO.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards is a catalyst that inspires students and young people to start and grow entrepreneurial ventures. The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards are a program of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.