Recently, Joe Macaluso asked that I repeat this story. … On a reservation in South Dakota, Native Americans asked their chief if the winter was going to be cold. Unaware of ancient forecasting secrets, he visited the National Weather Service. The meteorologist verified it was going to be cold and the chief ordered his tribe to collect wood. A week later he called the NWS asking again if the winter would be cold. Another meteorologist responded that it would. He ordered the collection of more wood and two weeks later questioned the NWS folks to be sure it would be a cold winter. “Absolutely,” the meteorologist replied, “the coldest ever!” The chief asked, “How can you be sure?” The weatherman replied, “The Indians are collecting a lot of firewood.”

Fastcast: Cool, cloudy.


TODAY: A Sprinkle? (Cloudy Icon) 56/39

SUNDAY: Sprinkles (Cloudy Icon) 59/37

MONDAY: Warmer (Partly Cloudy Icon) 61/41

TUESDAY: Showers (Scattered Showers Icon) 65/47

WEDNESDAY: Showery (Rain Icon) 66/47

THURSDAY: Clearing (Partly Cloudy Icon) 67/48