The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office has launched access to safety information designed to assist civic leaders, designers, developers, educators, firefighters and homeowners in making communities safer from dangerous wildland fires, according to a news release.

State Fire Marshal has teamed up with the National Fire Protection Association in the promotion of “Firewise” in an effort to educate people to practice proactive and preventative measures that can be deployed to help eliminate the wildland fire dangers.

“We have lost nearly 40 structures and thousands of acres of property to these dangerous fires this year,” State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said in the release. “Firewise is a wealth of information to help communities be ready for the dangers associated with these fires.”

This year is presenting extreme dangers to the state as it relates to fires in forest and grass lands. Record low levels of rain fall and high temperatures have caused the classification most of the state in the exceptional fire danger category.

Residents are urged to go to the State Fire Marshal’s website,, and click on the link “Be Informed, Wildland Fire Safety”, to view the educational information and resources.