LSU geographer Craig Colten, the Carl O. Sauer Professor in the Department of Geography & Anthropology, has been invited to participate in a highly selective gathering of environmental historians in Brazil.

In November, Colten will meet in Florianopolis, Brazil, with an international group of environmental historians from South America, Europe, Asia and North America. He will be a featured speaker at the second International Workshop in History of the Environment: Environmental Disasters and Sustainability, during which he will report on recovery in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

One of the primary goals of the gathering is to analyze the role of environmental history in the prevention and assistance of environmental disasters and in the construction of more sustainable solutions for regional and urban planning, as well as that of land occupation and use, according to an LSU news release.

Colten received an invitation because of his extensive research and publications on the geography of historical hazards and human adaptations to challenging environments, the news release says.