I predicted a wake-up temperature of 37 degrees for Thursday. The Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) at Baton Rouge Metro Airport recorded a chilly 32 degrees. The Channel 2 Weather Team concurred that the wake-up temperature for Friday morning would be 41 degrees; however, another miss was noted by us and anyone else in town that provides a weather forecast as the mercury slipped to 36. For 37 years I have presented a weather explanation and related forecast and will always announce those “rare” occurrences of a missed prediction. Every meteorologist in Washington, D.C., predicted “white-out” conditions last Thursday and it didn’t happen. Tucker Barnes of WTTG began his early morning weather report in the “time out corner.” With hopes of not getting “cornered,” we’ll continue to increase the accuracy. Fastcast: Spring-like.


TODAY: Clouding Up (Partly Cloudy Icon) 73/62

SUNDAY: Evening Rain (Cloudy Icon) 75/62

MONDAY: Early Showers (Scattered Showers Icon) 66/42

TUESDAY: Clearing (Sunny Icon) 63/40

WEDNESDAY: Breezy (Sunny Icon) 70/47

THURSDAY: Warmer (Sunny Icon) 75/52