Louisiana motorists pay the third-largest percentage of their income, on average, for auto insurance and gas, according to Carinsurance.com’s Automotive Misery Index.

The Automotive Misery Index weighs each state’s average household income against the cost of gas, number of miles driven and price of full insurance coverage for a 2012 Honda Accord EX. Each factor can greatly skew the cost of car ownership.

In Louisiana, the cost would be $4,504, or 10.5 percent of the $42,813 average household income, according to the index. Only Mississippi, where gas and insurance costs were 11.6 percent of annual income, and Oklahoma, at 10.7 percent, were worse.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire ranked first in the index. The cost for driving the Accord there was $2,932, or 4.4 percent of the $65,948 average household income. Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado and Washington rounded out the top five.