Chief Executive announced Wednesday that CEOs nationwide rank Louisiana as the most improved state for business in the U.S., according to the magazine’s 2012 Best/Worst States for Business ranking.

Louisiana’s ranking soared from 27th in 2011 to 13th this year, the largest improvement of any state, Louisiana Economic Development spokesman Gary Perilloux said in a news release.

Since 2008, Louisiana has improved 32 spots, also the largest gain by any state in the U.S., Perilloux said.

Chief Executive asked CEOs to grade states on such areas as taxes, regulatory environment, workforce quality and living environment. In Louisiana, Chief Executive cited business-friendly improvements, which include a more competitive corporate tax structure and turnkey workforce programs, and the magazine cited recent education and pension reform efforts as positive development trend indicators.

Gov. Bobby Jindal said, “Since we took office in 2008, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a business environment where companies want to invest and create jobs for our people,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said in the release.

CEOs noted both the improved policy and regulatory environment in Louisiana, along with the improved economic performance, according to Chief Executive Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon, who wrote, “Although often eclipsed by Texas, its next door neighbor, Louisiana is the Cinderella of business improvement.”