The Baton Rouge Area Chamber has hired Julie Laperouse as the new director of talent development, officials announced Monday in a news release.

Laperouse will be responsible for the further development and execution of the recently launched talent development program. The mission of the program is to retain and attract human capital to meet the needs of Baton Rouge area businesses. To accomplish this, BRAC has begun instituting a number of strategies and programs such as developing corporate talent services, creating a talent repository, promoting the professional jobs available within the area, and working with regional businesses to educate current and prospective hires on the assets of the region, among other things. The program was developed as one of the six core strategies of The Creative Capital Agenda, BRAC’s current five-year strategic plan.

“The need for talent is a crucial issue facing our region’s economic competitiveness and forms a core strategy of our five-year plan. Julie brings great experience and skills to our organization that will help us implement our new talent development program,” Adam Knapp, president and CEO of BRAC, said in the release. “Through her work, we will deliver programs that retain and attract talent for the Capital Region.”

Laperouse is originally from Jennings and is a graduate of LSU. She has held positions in commercial real estate and with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Most recently, she spent two years operating Bancroft Paper Company in Jackson, Miss., before selling the company and moving back to the Baton Rouge area.