The city of Gonzales is wrapping up the process — set in motion by the city's new master plan — to update ordinances to complement that plan.

In the works is a revision of the city's subdivision code.

City officials and representatives of the Center for Planning Excellence, which has drafted a more user-friendly version of the subdivision code, under a $25,000 contract with the city, held a town hall meeting Monday night that drew a small audience of residents. 

CPEX has streamlined the code to make it more user-friendly for subdivision developers, with graphics and sketches illustrating regulations.

The major provisions of the subdivision code, which sets standards for such things as cul-de-sacs, street widths and neighborhood access for new subdivisions, remain intact. 

The biggest changes for the code would be its inclusion as a section of the city's new zoning ordinance, which keeps the old zoning categories and provides six new ones. 

"The purpose is not to change the (subdivision) regulations in a big way but just consolidate them" with the zoning ordinance, Janet Tharp, associate planning director for CPEX, said Monday.  

A second major change for the subdivision code would be the process of final plat approval for new subdivisions. 

Preliminary plats for new neighborhoods would continue to require the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the approval of the City Council.

But approval of the final plat would be handled administratively rather than go back again to the City Council.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will take up the proposed changes to the subdivision code at its Nov. 7 meeting, and, if the code moves forward to the City Council, a final vote would come on Nov. 28.

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