Angola’s Prison View Golf Course tops the list of list of the 10 most hazardous golf courses.

The pluses at the course outside the largest maximum-security prison in rural West Feliciana Parish include, practice facilities, a clubhouse, and $10 green fees.

The minuses? “Playing this course requires some advanced planning, as you must allow 48 hours for a background check before you can even schedule a tee time. The course is on the grounds of the penitentiary, so you must also be willing to submit to personal and vehicle searches. Finally, be prepared for play to be suspended in the event of a riot or attempted jailbreak,” according to the Australia-based website.

The course was designed by Dr. John Ory, a St. Francisville dentist, and opened in 2004. According to a story in the May 30, 2004 edition of The Advocate, the course was built with funds raised by employees operating concessions at the Angola Prison Rodeo. Funds were also raised through the efforts of inmates who put their horticulture and vo-tech skills to use. Area businesses donated sand and gravel, according to the article.

Others on the most hazardous course list include Singapore Island Country Club, where a pro golfer killed a 9-foot-long cobra during a 1982 tournament, only to watch another snake emerge from the cobra’s mouth; and Lost City Golf Course, Sun City, South Africa, where the 13th hole water hazard is home to around 40 Nile crocodiles; and Merapi Golf Course, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which lies in the shadows of Mount Merapi, an active volcano that last erupted in December 2010.