St. Thomas More’s Trevor Begue blends speed and toughness _lowres

Advocate photo by Buddy Delahoussaye- Trevor Begue driving to the basket against Teurlings High Rebels on Friday night February 13, 2015.

St. Thomas More running back and point guard Trevor Begue may not be the biggest player on the field, but his coaches will argue he’s one of the toughest.

During his sophomore season, Begue suffered an injury during football that ended his season, but allowed him to return for basketball season.

The Cougars traveled to Orlando, Florida, for a tournament and coach Danny Broussard told Begue to take it easy in his first appearance on the floor following the injury.

Within seconds of entering the game, Begue dove onto the floor in traffic to secure a loose ball.

“I pulled him over and said, ‘Trevor what the heck are you doing?’ ” Broussard said. “He looked at me and said, ‘Sorry coach I couldn’t help it.’ That’s the kind of kid he is.”

Begue plays both basketball and football with a level of tenacity that stands out to those who watch him, evidenced by the fact that Begue picked up his first football scholarship offer from Nicholls State this weekend.

“They invited me up to camp after seeing my highlight tape and while I was watching practice they offered me the scholarship,” Begue said. “It was definitely exciting to get the offer and have the opportunity to play.”

Within his 5-foot-11 frame Begue packs a punch, something he said he’s been taught to do since he was young.

“I’m not the biggest guy, so I have to try and give everything I have on contact,” Begue said.

While his tenacity helps him break through those arm tackles, it is his burst through the line of scrimmage and top-end speed that has become his calling card.

Broussard said while on the court Begue was often one of the fastest players, using his acceleration to blow by defenders and get to the lane for layups.

“(Since) I was a young kid I’ve always been taught to make something happen,” Begue said. “I use my speed and run low to the ground with a low center of gravity.”

“I try to use short bursts to get through the hole and then try to take it to the house. I can try to be a big-play factor in my own kind of way, and I think that is something coaches like about me.”

Broussard said Begue is a rare player, someone who always seems to have an extra gear to get by someone when he needs to.

While undersized for a running back at the college level, Begue’s versatility allows him to play wide receiver as well to avoid some of the pounding he receives on a daily basis.

“I definitely think my position at the next level will be wide receiver. It is something I’m working toward,” Begue said.

Broussard said with Begue’s blend of speed and toughness he can see several teams lining up to vie for his services, not just in football but in basketball as well.

But Begue said any team that comes calling has one obstacle to get past for his approval.

“My mom doesn’t really want me to go too far away,” Begue laughed. “So that will definitely end up playing a factor whenever I make a decision on where to go.”