More than two-thirds of respondents to a Louisiana State Medical Society online poll felt that graduate medical education will worsen as a result of the budget cuts and changes the LSU System announced last week.

So far 390 people have responded to the poll. Of those, 67.4 percent expect training for medical school graduates, also known as residents, will get worse. Some 17.2 percent said they didn’t know or needed more information; 12.1 percent said graduate medical education will improve; and 3.3 percent said graduate medical education will remain the same.

Last week, the LSU System announced it would slash $150 million from its budget, lay off nearly 1,500 people and shift much of its health care operations into private hospitals as a result of federal funding cuts.

Of the respondents, 42.4 percent are practicing physicians; 29.7 percent are medical students; 12.5 percent are academic physicians; 8 percent are retired physicians; 5 percent are residents/fellows; and 2.5 percent identified themselves as other.