Entergy Corp.-funded research examines the potential of creating carbon credits that could be sold to finance expensive wetland restoration.

The methodology, Restoration of Degraded Deltaic Wetlands of the Mississippi Delta, was developed by Sarah K. Mack of New Orleans-based Tierra Resources LLC, with contributions from Robert R. Lane, John W. Day and Tiffany M. Potter.

Louisiana’s Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast recently estimated that between $20 billion and $50 billion will realistically be available for funding over the next 50 years, but acknowledged a budget up to five times that size could be needed.

“This methodology offers the first route-to-market for wetland restoration carbon offsets, providing critical funding for restoring coastal Louisiana, which suffers one of the fastest rates of wetland loss in the world,” Mack said in a news release.

American Carbon Registry, a nonprofit enterprise of Winrock International, is taking public comments on the carbon offset methodology.