Twenty-one Baton Rouge groups will be sprucing up their neighborhoods thanks to grants of up to $750 each through the new Love Your Block program, according to a news release from the city-parish.

The Home Depot Foundation contributed $10,000 in Home Depot gift cards for the projects. ExxonMobil contributed an additional $2,500 that will fund six projects.

Also involved is the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, which will administer the grants.

To qualify, each group had to represent a block within the city limits, had to be led by volunteers and have a minimum of 10 neighborhood volunteers.

The winning proposals from the 21 applications are:

• Scotlandville Business Association. Beautification of store and home fronts with flowers and shrubbery in the area near Southern University.

• New Life Community Center. Build a community garden in the Scotlandville area.

• Summer Crossing Homeowners Association. Clean out entrance to Summer Crossing neighborhood, and install plants and signs.

• Wickland Terrace Homeowners Association. Clean and beautify the neighborhood entrance; install new sign.

• Aveia’s Rainbow Community Garden in Old South Baton Rouge. Build a fence to secure the garden, install a movable deck and six small benches.

• Greater Beulah Baptist Church in Old South Baton Rouge. Clean lots, cut grass and trees, pick up trash and plant a community garden.

• Spanish Town Invasive Pest Project. Control or eradicate paper mulberry trees.

• Stamp of Hope Community Garden in Old South Baton Rouge. Stain planter boxes, purchase compost bin, trash can and paint supplies.

• The Nehemiah Society. Build a community garden in Eden Park.

• Knowledge of Self Garden Groups. Build a community garden in Scotlandville/University City.

• My Father’s House Church. Paint homes and maintain lawns in David Place subdivision.

• New St. John the Baptist Youth Ministry. Building renovations in South Baton Rouge.

• Pelican Nest LRC/South Garden Project. Construct a community garden in Old South Baton Rouge.

• Community Against Drugs and Violence. Install trash cans at bus stop, along with landscaping, a concrete table and three benches.

• Aspirations in the Kildare Subdivision. Build a community garden.

• Beauregarden. Add trellis fixtures to the existing community garden in Beauregard Town.

• BR Zion City Community Development. Construct a community garden in Zion City.

• Estates of Worthington Lakes. Planting, irrigations and mulch.

• Southern Heights Property Owners Association. Improve neighborhood entrances with landscaping and plants.

• Martin Luther King Community Center. Clean blighted areas in Eden Park.

• District 10 North Region Community Improvement Team. Maintain lawns of the elderly in Northdale, Standard Heights and Dixie.