Most of the area’s industrial plant managers do not expect great change in their businesses over the next six months, but there are signs that the economy is improving, according a survey by the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance Inc.

The association consists of more than 53 petrochemical, energy, paper, pharmaceutical, storage terminal and other industrial facilities in the eight parishes surrounding Baton Rouge.

The member survey shows that plant managers expect the economy to expand, and that business is gaining some momentum, Alliance Executive Director Connie Fabre said.

The survey found that 46 percent of plant managers who responded to the survey expect their plants to increase production and 38 percent expect capital expenditures will increase. Some 51 percent of plant managers who responded to the survey expect production will not change and 43 percent said their companies will not spend more on plant improvements.

The Industry Alliance began the new survey to help keep the community informed , Fabre said.

“We receive many requests for this type of information, and people are interested in knowing how industry is doing and what they (members) are thinking,” Fabre said in a news release. “It’s important because these plants account for about 40 percent of all of the jobs in the greater Baton Rouge area.”

The survey will be similar to an index reported by the chief executive officers of The Business Roundtable, tracking what area plant managers expect in future quarters.