Today’s frontal passage will provide enjoyable duck hunting. On this date in 1975, Jim Tollan, on the 14th hole of his local club in North Lincolnshire, nailed a mallard flying overhead. It fell onto the green in front of the Mallard Inn.

“The Almanac of the Infamous, Incredible and Ignored,” reports in 456 B.C. a Greek oracle warned Aeschylus, the father of Greek drama, he would “die by a blow from heaven.” After hearing the prediction, the battle hero and author of more than 70 Greek tragedies stopped going outdoors during storms.

On a sunny day in Gela, Sicily, a Lammergeyer vulture flew overhead with a tortoise in its claw. Believing Aeschylus’ bald head was a rock and with hopes of dropping the tortoise to open the shell, it let the tortoise go and ... Aeschylus died. Fastcast: Rainy.